Understanding Our Hormonal Health During Postpartum with Ashley Greene Khoury


During pregnancy and postpartum, women’s bodies undergo significant changes, particularly in terms of hormonal fluctuations. These changes can have a profound impact on their overall well-being. Actress and entrepreneur Ashley Greene Khoury, who recently became a mother to her daughter, Kingsley, understands this firsthand. Prior to motherhood, Ashley became passionate about advocating for reproductive health and embracing a pharmaceutical-free lifestyle. Her experiences led her to co-found Hummingway, a brand dedicated to transforming how women perceive and care for their hormonal health. In an interview, Ashley discusses her journey into motherhood, her career, and offers insights on navigating postpartum hormonal health.

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Who is Ashley Greene Khoury?

Ashley Greene Khoury is a well-known actress and entrepreneur, most famous for her portrayal of Alice Cullen in the “Twilight” movie franchise. However, she is more than just a Hollywood star. Over the years, Ashley has become a champion for women’s rights and empowerment, aligning herself with charities and movements that support women from all walks of life. She has cemented herself as a trusted advocate for wellness, femininity, and gender equality.

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What Did We Discuss?

In a recent podcast episode, Ashley Greene Khoury sat down to discuss various topics related to motherhood, her career, and navigating the postpartum period. The conversation focused on the challenges women face in terms of their bodies and hormonal health after giving birth. Ashley shared her personal experiences and shed light on important issues surrounding this topic.

From acting to now being a reproductive health advocate

Ashley’s journey from acting to becoming a reproductive health advocate was shaped by her personal experiences and choices. She became highly passionate about reproductive health after pursuing a pharmaceutical-free lifestyle, including opting for non-hormonal birth control methods. This pursuit led her to start her own company, Hummingway, which aims to transform how women perceive and approach their reproductive health. Ashley’s entrepreneurial endeavors are driven by her desire to provide innovative, non-toxic, and effective products for women’s hormonal health.

Did you feel supported during your postpartum experience?

During the podcast episode, Ashley was asked about her postpartum experience and whether she felt supported during that time. She shared her personal journey and the challenges she faced. Ashley also discussed the need for better support systems for mothers during the postpartum period. She emphasized the importance of community, understanding, and resources for women as they navigate this transitional phase in their lives.

What led you to choose to have a home birth?

One aspect of Ashley’s postpartum experience that stood out was her decision to have a home birth. She explained the reasons behind this choice during the podcast episode. Ashley discussed the importance of creating a comfortable and familiar environment for the birthing process. She shared her belief in the benefits of home birth, including reduced stress and increased control over the birthing experience.

There isn’t a lot of talk about ‘hormonal health’ in general

During the conversation, Ashley highlighted the lack of awareness and discussion surrounding hormonal health, especially in relation to new mothers. She stressed the importance of understanding the impact that hormonal changes can have on a woman’s overall well-being during the postpartum period. Ashley advocated for more dialogue and education on this topic to support women in achieving optimal hormonal health.

What are some of your go-to mantras as a new mom?

Ashley was asked about her go-to mantras as a new mom, and she gladly shared some of her favorites. She emphasized the importance of self-care and adopting a positive mindset during the challenging moments of motherhood. Ashley believes in the power of self-affirmation and using mantras to motivate and uplift herself during both the highs and lows of parenting.

How have you been able to find your tribe in motherhood?

Finding a supportive community is crucial for new mothers, and Ashley discussed how she found her tribe in motherhood. She shared her experiences and highlighted the significance of connecting with like-minded individuals who understand the challenges and joys of parenting. Ashley emphasized the importance of building a support network and seeking out resources that can provide guidance and encouragement.

What are your favorite products for you and your baby?

Ashley shared some of her favorite products for both herself and her baby during the podcast episode. She emphasized the need for non-toxic and effective products that support hormonal health. Ashley discussed the range of products offered by Hummingway, her own company, which focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for women’s reproductive health.

Ashley’s Resources

In the podcast episode, Ashley mentioned several resources that listeners can explore to learn more about her work and the products offered by Hummingway. She provided links to the Hummingway website, where individuals can find informative blog posts related to hormonal health. Ashley also shared Hummingway’s social media handles, including their Facebook page, Instagram account, and TikTok profile. Additionally, she mentioned her personal Instagram account, where she shares updates about her journey as a mother and advocate.

In summary, Ashley Greene Khoury is not only a well-known actress but also a passionate reproductive health advocate. Through her own experiences and choices, she has become dedicated to supporting women in their journey towards optimal hormonal health. Ashley’s journey from acting to entrepreneurship led her to co-found Hummingway, which aims to provide innovative and non-toxic products for women’s reproductive health. This podcast episode delved into various aspects of motherhood and postpartum experiences, shedding light on the importance of hormonal health and the need for better support systems for women. Ashley’s insights and advice serve as a valuable resource for anyone navigating the complexities of motherhood and hormonal health.

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