Tune in to True Tiger’s Scandalous Unlimited Radio Show on Freeze 92.7FM


Experience the cutting-edge sounds of True Tiger’s Scandalous Unlimited Radio Show on Freeze 92.7FM. True Tiger Recordings, a renowned music label, brings together a talented lineup of artists including Scandalous Unltd., Misty Dubs, One Dark Martian, Carly Bond, Purple, Shyam, and DJ Wec. Their newly launched radio show promises to be a sensation, offering listeners a unique opportunity to discover exclusive new tracks, enjoy captivating interviews with industry insiders, engage in thrilling freestyle sessions, and participate in exciting competitions. Stay up-to-date with the show’s tracklisting and immerse yourself in the dynamic world of True Tiger’s Scandalous Unlimited by visiting their website.

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About True Tiger Recordings and Scandalous Unltd.

True Tiger Recordings is a renowned record label known for promoting and showcasing talented artists in the music industry. With its headquarters based in London, the label has gained a strong reputation for its commitment to delivering high-quality music and supporting emerging artists.

One of the notable artists associated with True Tiger Recordings is Scandalous Unltd. Their unique sound and captivating performances have garnered them a significant following in the music scene. Other talented artists signed to the label include Misty Dubs, One Dark Martian, Carly Bond, Purple, Shyam, and DJ Wec.

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Introducing True Tiger’s Scandalous Unlimited Radio Show

In an effort to further promote their artists and connect with their audience, True Tiger’s Scandalous Unlimited brand has launched a captivating radio show. This show aims to provide listeners with an immersive experience, showcasing exclusive new tracks, interviews with artists, exciting freestyles, and engaging competitions.

Details of the Show

The Scandalous Unlimited radio show is a carefully curated program that offers a vibrant mix of music, entertainment, and informative content. Each episode is thoughtfully designed to captivate the audience and provide them with a glimpse into the world of True Tiger Recordings.

Frequency and Broadcasting Platform

Listeners can tune in to the Scandalous Unlimited radio show on 92.7FM through the popular broadcasting platform Freeze. This frequency ensures that the show reaches a wide audience, allowing music enthusiasts from various locations to immerse themselves in the rich and diverse sounds presented by True Tiger Recordings.

Highlights of the Show

The Scandalous Unlimited radio show promises to be a thrilling experience, packed with exciting segments that cater to every music lover’s taste. Here are some noteworthy highlights attendees can look forward to:

Exclusive New Tracks

True Tiger Recordings takes pride in nurturing talented musicians and promoting their exceptional work. Listeners can expect to discover exclusive new tracks from both established and emerging artists, providing a platform for them to showcase their creativity and musical growth.


The radio show is not just about the music; it also offers a unique opportunity to get to know the artists on a more personal level. Through insightful interviews, listeners can gain a deeper understanding of the artists’ inspirations, creative processes, and the stories behind their music.


Adding an element of spontaneity and creativity, freestyles are an integral part of the Scandalous Unlimited radio show. Artists will be given the chance to showcase their improvisational skills and deliver captivating performances, further enhancing the overall entertainment value of the show.


True Tiger Recordings believes in engaging and rewarding their dedicated listeners. Regular competitions will be held during the Scandalous Unlimited radio show, offering exciting prizes to lucky winners. This segment adds an element of anticipation and interactivity, encouraging fans to actively participate in the show.

Accessing Tracklisting

While listening to the Scandalous Unlimited radio show is an exhilarating experience, True Tiger Recordings understands the importance of easy access to the tracklisting for avid music enthusiasts. The label ensures that listeners have multiple ways to access the information they desire.

Availability on Website

Following each broadcast, True Tiger Recordings promptly updates their website with the tracklisting for the latest episode of the Scandalous Unlimited radio show. This feature allows fans to navigate through the playlist at their convenience, replaying their favorite tracks or exploring new ones.


To cater to the busy schedules of their audience, True Tiger Recordings recognizes the need for flexibility and accessibility. Therefore, the label ensures that the tracklisting remains available even after the broadcast, allowing listeners to refer back to episodes they might have missed or wish to revisit.

In conclusion, True Tiger Recordings, in collaboration with Scandalous Unlimited, has launched an exciting radio show that promises to engage and entertain music enthusiasts. With its exclusive new tracks, artist interviews, captivating freestyles, and thrilling competitions, the Scandalous Unlimited radio show is set to captivate listeners worldwide. Moreover, True Tiger Recordings’ dedication to providing easy access to the tracklisting through their website ensures that the audience can enjoy the music and revisit their favorite shows at their convenience.

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