Scandalous Unlimited Live on Freeze 92.7FM

The True Tiger blog is about to bid farewell as it prepares for its final days. In its place, a new and improved website will be launched, complete with exciting features that are sure to captivate its audience. The website will also feature an exclusive first viewing of the highly anticipated video advert for the CD “Eye of the Tiger Volume One.” With 25 tracks from the hottest UK artists and producers, this CD is generating a buzz among music enthusiasts. Stay tuned for the website’s launch next Monday and don’t forget to spread the word about this exciting new development. But before the blog signs off, don’t miss the chance to catch Scandalous Unlimited live on Freeze 92.7FM, as well as the True Tiger camp on BBC 1Xtra. Exciting things are happening, and music lovers won’t want to miss out.

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Launch of New True Tiger Website

The True Tiger website is undergoing a major overhaul and is ready to be unveiled to the public. With a host of new features, this website is set to become a must-visit destination for music lovers. The team behind the website has been working tirelessly to ensure that it offers a seamless experience to its users. The launch of the new site is expected to take place next Monday, so mark your calendars and get ready to explore all that the True Tiger website has to offer.

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Features of the new website

The new True Tiger website will come with an array of exciting features that are sure to delight its users. From an updated and user-friendly interface to improved navigation options, the website has been designed with the user in mind. Additionally, the website will also include exclusive content that can only be accessed through the True Tiger platform. Whether you’re a fan of their music or interested in learning more about the artists and producers they work with, the new website will have something for everyone.

Exclusive video advert for Eye Of The Tiger Volume One

One of the highlights of the new True Tiger website will be the exclusive video advert for their highly anticipated project, Eye Of The Tiger Volume One. This video advert will be available for first viewing only on the True Tiger website on the day of the site’s launch. Fans of True Tiger and music enthusiasts alike will not want to miss this exciting sneak peek into what promises to be a remarkable compilation. Be sure to visit the website on the launch day to catch this exclusive content.

Expected launch date

True Tiger fans can mark their calendars for the launch of the new website, which is set to take place next Monday. The team behind the website has been diligently working to ensure that everything is in place for a smooth and successful launch. The anticipation is growing, and music lovers are eagerly awaiting the moment when they can explore all the new features and exclusive content that the True Tiger website has to offer.

Encouragement to spread the word

True Tiger is calling upon its dedicated fanbase and supporters to help spread the word about the launch of the new website. As a community-driven platform, True Tiger relies on the support and enthusiasm of its followers to reach a wider audience. By sharing the news about the website launch with friends, family, and fellow music enthusiasts, fans can contribute to the success of the True Tiger brand. So, be sure to spread the word and let everyone know about the exciting things happening at True Tiger.

Eye Of The Tiger Volume One CD

Eye Of The Tiger Volume One is a highly anticipated CD compilation that music lovers have been eagerly waiting for. True Tiger has curated an incredible selection of 25 tracks from some of the hottest UK artists and producers. The CD promises to showcase the best of British talent and provide listeners with a diverse and captivating musical experience. In addition to the impressive tracklist, the Eye Of The Tiger Volume One CD also features breathtaking artwork by the talented Gowers.

CD off to press

Excitement is building as the Eye Of The Tiger Volume One CD is ready to go into production. True Tiger has ensured that every aspect of this project meets the highest quality standards. The team has put in countless hours of work to curate a tracklist that represents the best of UK artists and producers. With the CD now off to press, fans can look forward to getting their hands on a physical copy of the compilation very soon.

25 tracks from UK artists and producers

True Tiger has carefully selected 25 tracks from a wide range of talented UK artists and producers for the Eye Of The Tiger Volume One CD. This compilation aims to showcase the diverse and vibrant music scene in the UK, giving listeners a taste of the incredible talent that exists within the country. From established artists to up-and-coming musicians, the tracklist represents a mix of genres and styles that is sure to captivate music enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Impressive artwork by Gowers

The Eye Of The Tiger Volume One CD not only boasts an exceptional tracklist but also features stunning artwork by the renowned artist, Gowers. The visual representation of the compilation is just as important as the music itself, and True Tiger understands this. Gowers has created a visually captivating design that perfectly complements the spirit and energy of the artists and producers featured on the CD. True Tiger fans and art enthusiasts alike will appreciate the thought and creativity that went into the artwork.

Encouragement to look out for it in stores

True Tiger encourages fans and music lovers to keep an eye out for the Eye Of The Tiger Volume One CD in stores. The compilation is expected to hit the shelves in the coming weeks and will be available for purchase. By supporting the release and purchasing a physical copy of the CD, fans can show their appreciation for the artists and producers involved in creating this remarkable compilation. So, make sure to visit your local music store and grab your copy of Eye Of The Tiger Volume One.

Appearance of Scandalous Unlimited on Freeze 92.7FM

Scandalous Unlimited, a talented music group, is set to make a live appearance on Freeze 92.7FM. Fans of Scandalous Unlimited can tune in to the radio show on Tuesday from 10pm-12am (GMT) to catch their favorite artists in action. This weekly show promises to be a highly entertaining and engaging experience for listeners. Whether you’re a fan of Scandalous Unlimited or simply enjoy discovering new music, this radio show is not to be missed.

Radio show schedule

The True Tiger camp will also be making an appearance on BBC 1Xtra’s DJ Cameos Pirate Sessions. Fans can catch this exciting live performance on Sunday morning from 2am-6am (GMT). The True Tiger camp has gained a strong reputation for delivering electrifying performances, and this upcoming appearance is expected to be no different. Fans of the True Tiger camp can tune in via DAB Radio, visit the BBC 1Xtra website, or access the show on platforms such as Sky Digital Channel 887 and Freeview.

Listening options

For those interested in tuning in to Scandalous Unlimited’s live appearance on Freeze 92.7FM, simply visit their website at The radio show will be broadcasted on Tuesday from 10pm-12am (GMT), providing listeners with a fantastic opportunity to enjoy Scandalous Unlimited’s music and get a glimpse into their creative process.

To catch the True Tiger camp on DJ Cameos Pirate Sessions, listeners have multiple options. The radio show will take place on Sunday morning from 2am-6am (GMT) and can be accessed through DAB Radio, the BBC 1Xtra website, Sky Digital Channel 887, and Freeview. Regardless of the platform you choose, this is the perfect opportunity to experience the energy and talent of the True Tiger camp firsthand.

In conclusion, the True Tiger brand is gearing up for a series of exciting events and releases. From the launch of their new website to the release of the Eye Of The Tiger Volume One CD, there is plenty to look forward to. Additionally, fans can tune in to radio shows featuring Scandalous Unlimited and the True Tiger camp, providing them with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the music and talent that has made True Tiger a force to be reckoned with in the UK music scene. So, be sure to mark your calendars and spread the word about these upcoming events.

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