Baby Jogger Launches City Turn™ Convertible Car Seat in Canada


The article highlights the launch of the City Turn™ Convertible Car Seat by Baby Jogger in Canada. With rotating car seats becoming increasingly popular among parents, Baby Jogger introduces an innovative solution designed to enhance the child-parent travel experience. The car seat features a one-hand 180-degree rotation in rear-facing mode, bringing the child closer to the parent during entry and exit from the car. This not only provides a more convenient way to handle the child but also accommodates parents and caregivers who may have physical limitations. The City Turn™ Convertible Car Seat offers various key features, including convertibility, extended rear-facing, adjustable design, comfortable materials, and several safety enhancements. Safety is a priority for Baby Jogger, and the car seat is rigorously tested and includes features such as RAPIDLOCK™ base belt-tensioning technology and visual indicators for proper installation.

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Features of the City Turn Convertible Car Seat

The City Turn Convertible Car Seat by Baby Jogger introduces several key features that enhance the child-parent travel experience. With its innovative design, this car seat provides convenience, comfort, and adaptability as children grow.


The City Turn Car Seat offers both rear-facing and forward-facing options, providing a versatile solution for infants and toddlers. With a rear-facing harness for children weighing between 1.8 to 18 kg (4-40 lb) and a forward-facing harness for 1.8 to 30 kg (4-65 lb), this car seat can accommodate the child as they grow.

Extended Rear-Facing

One of the standout features of the City Turn Car Seat is its extended rear-facing capability. With a rear-facing weight limit of 50 lb, this car seat promotes extended rear-facing use for added safety. The ability to keep the child facing backward for an extended period is crucial in reducing the risk of injuries during accidents.

Adjustable Design

The City Turn Car Seat offers a customizable experience with its adjustable design. It features a 10-position headrest and a 5-position recline, allowing parents to find the perfect fit for their child’s comfort and safety needs. Additionally, the no-rethread harness makes it quick and simple to adjust the seat as the child grows.

Comfortable Materials

The City Turn Car Seat prioritizes comfort with its choice of materials. It features soft and lightweight fabrics that provide a cozy environment for the child. The inclusion of COOLMAX® moisture-wicking material helps to keep the child cool and comfortable, even on long rides.

Safety Features of the City Turn Car Seat

When it comes to car seats, safety is of utmost importance. Baby Jogger has taken several measures to ensure that the City Turn Car Seat provides a secure and protected experience for children.

RAPIDLOCK™ base belt-tensioning technology

The City Turn Car Seat incorporates RAPIDLOCK™ base belt-tensioning technology, which enables simple and secure installation in a matter of seconds. This feature ensures that the car seat is tightly secured, minimizing the risk of involuntary movement during transit.

Clear Installation Access

The rotating mechanism of the City Turn Car Seat provides direct access to the installation belt path. This easy access simplifies the installation process and ensures that the seat is properly and securely positioned in the vehicle.

Visual Indicators

To further enhance installation accuracy, the City Turn Car Seat includes visual indicators. Colored belt paths and dual bubble level indicators allow parents to easily verify that the car seat is correctly installed and level, reducing the potential for errors.

Rigorous Testing

Baby Jogger has gone to great lengths to ensure that the City Turn Car Seat meets rigorous safety standards. The car seat has undergone testing according to TRUE Test Plus safety standards, ensuring protection in various collision scenarios, including rollover, side, front, and rear impacts.

Audible Assurance

The City Turn Car Seat provides audible assurance to parents during installation. When locked in rear-facing mode, the car seat emits an audible click, providing peace of mind and confirming that it is securely fastened before the vehicle starts moving.

Durable Construction

Durability is another essential aspect of the City Turn Car Seat. It boasts a steel-reinforced frame that adds strength and robustness to the overall structure. The inclusion of EPP energy-absorbing foam further enhances impact energy management and reinforces the car seat’s ability to protect the child during accidents.

Premium Comfort

In addition to safety, the City Turn Car Seat prioritizes comfort for the child. Premium padding and a removable infant insert ensure that the child remains snug and well-supported throughout the journey. The inclusion of buckle covers adds an extra layer of comfort and helps prevent discomfort caused by harsh contact with the seat’s hardware.

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In conclusion, the City Turn Convertible Car Seat by Baby Jogger offers an impressive range of features and safety measures that prioritize the well-being and comfort of children during travels. With its convertibility, extended rear-facing capability, adjustable design, and comfortable materials, this car seat provides a reliable and adaptable solution for growing families. Furthermore, its safety features, including RAPIDLOCK™ base belt-tensioning technology, clear installation access, visual indicators, rigorous testing, audible assurance, durable construction, and premium comfort, ensure that children are protected and secure on the road. For parents seeking innovative and reliable baby gear options, the City Turn Convertible Car Seat is undoubtedly worth considering.

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