RIIZE Performs Live Cover of SHINee’s ‘Replay’ on ‘The Seasons: Red Carpet With Lee Hyori


On the latest episode of “The Seasons: Red Carpet with Lee Hyori,” the young and talented boy group RIIZE showcased their vocal abilities with a captivating live cover of SHINee’s beloved debut track, “Replay.” As guests on the KBS 2TV music talk show, RIIZE not only treated the audience to a performance of their own hit debut song, “Get A Guitar,” but also delighted host Lee Hyori with their charming rendition of “Replay.” The group’s members, Sohee, Anton, and Sungchan, added their own special touches to the show by serenading Lee Hyori with snippets of izi’s famous ballad “Emergency Room” and performing a cover of her iconic 2003 hit “10 Minutes.” To conclude the episode, RIIZE gave a dynamic live performance of their latest single, “Love 119.” Fans can catch the full episode with subtitles on Viki.

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RIIZE Performs Live Cover of SHINee’s ‘Replay’ on ‘The Seasons: Red Carpet With Lee Hyori

RIIZE, a talented boy group, recently had the opportunity to showcase their vocal skills on the popular music talk show, ‘The Seasons: Red Carpet With Lee Hyori.’ The episode, which aired on January 12, 2024, featured RIIZE performing their hit debut track ‘Get A Guitar,’ as well as a cover of SHINee’s beloved song ‘Replay.’ The group also treated the audience to snippets of izi’s ‘Emergency Room’ and Lee Hyori’s ’10 Minutes,’ before wrapping up their segment with a live performance of their latest single, ‘Love 119.’ Fans and viewers can catch the full episode on Viki, complete with subtitles.

RIIZE showcases their vocals on a popular music talk show

Making a guest appearance on ‘The Seasons: Red Carpet With Lee Hyori’ was a significant opportunity for RIIZE to showcase their vocal talents on a national platform. The KBS 2TV show is renowned for its ability to bring talented artists to the forefront of the music industry, and RIIZE proved that they belong among those ranks. The boy group’s captivating performances left a lasting impression on both the audience and host Lee Hyori, further solidifying their presence in the music scene.

Performing their hit debut track ‘Get A Guitar’

To kick off their segment on the show, RIIZE chose to perform their popular debut track, ‘Get A Guitar.’ The group delivered a stunning live band version of the song, showcasing not only their vocal abilities but also their musical talents. The energetic performance captivated the audience, leaving them wanting more. ‘Get A Guitar’ served as a perfect introduction to RIIZE’s unique sound and style, setting the stage for the rest of their performances.

Serenading Lee Hyori with a cover of SHINee’s ‘Replay’

One of the highlights of RIIZE’s appearance on ‘The Seasons: Red Carpet With Lee Hyori’ was their cover of SHINee’s iconic debut song, ‘Replay.’ With their own twist added to the beloved track, RIIZE mesmerized the audience and showed their appreciation for SHINee’s influence on the K-pop industry. The group’s flawless execution of the song and their impressive vocals gained them praise and further recognition as talented artists in their own right.

Sohee sings a snippet of izi’s ‘Emergency Room’

In a beautiful display of talent, Sohee, one of the members of RIIZE, showcased her vocal range by singing a snippet of izi’s famous ballad, ‘Emergency Room.’ This performance not only displayed Sohee’s emotive singing abilities but also highlighted the connection between ‘Emergency Room’ and RIIZE’s latest single, ‘Love 119.’ The heartfelt performance captivated the audience, evoking a range of emotions and showcasing the depth of Sohee’s talent.

Anton and Sungchan cover Lee Hyori’s ’10 Minutes’

As a tribute to Lee Hyori, RIIZE members Anton and Sungchan took the stage to perform a cover of her 2003 hit song, ’10 Minutes.’ Anton’s personal rearrangement of the song added a unique touch to the performance, demonstrating the group’s versatility and ability to tackle different musical styles. With their harmonious voices and impeccable delivery, Anton and Sungchan paid homage to Lee Hyori while showcasing their own artistry.

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Wrapping things up with a live performance of ‘Love 119’

To conclude their segment on ‘The Seasons: Red Carpet With Lee Hyori,’ RIIZE performed their latest single, ‘Love 119.’ This live performance showcased the group’s growth and evolution since their debut, giving viewers a glimpse of their musical journey. The passionate and energetic delivery of ‘Love 119’ left a lasting impact on the audience, further solidifying RIIZE’s place in the industry as a talented and promising boy group.

Watch the full episode on Viki

For those who want to relive the amazing performances by RIIZE on ‘The Seasons: Red Carpet With Lee Hyori,’ the full episode is available to watch on Viki. With subtitles provided, viewers can fully immerse themselves in the captivating performances and engage with the show’s content. This opportunity to watch RIIZE’s performances in their entirety allows fans and viewers to appreciate the group’s talent, hard work, and dedication to their craft. Don’t miss the chance to witness RIIZE’s outstanding showcase on ‘The Seasons: Red Carpet With Lee Hyori.’

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