Pro Tips for a Magical Disney Vacation with Kids


Planning a trip to Disney World or Disneyland with kids can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. With so much to do and think about, it’s important to have the right tips and tricks to make your vacation as amazing as you imagined. In the podcast episode “Pro Tips for a Magical Disney Vacation with Kids,” Sarah Huff, a SoCal native and mom to two boys, shares her expertise and insights on everything Disney. From where to start when planning, to getting the most out of your trip, choosing the right accommodations, and even tips for babies and toddlers at Disney, Sarah covers it all. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned Disney enthusiast, this episode is packed with valuable information to help you have the most magical vacation with your kids.

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Who is Sarah Huff?

Sarah Huff is a SoCal native and a mother to two boys. With a background in Business Administration and Psychology, Sarah joined the Baby Quip team in 2016. She currently manages the Quality Provider Community, providing real-time support, maintaining quality control, and overseeing customer service and support for BabyQuip. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her children and soaking up the California sunshine.

What Did We Discuss?

In this episode, Sarah shared her expertise on planning a magical Disney vacation with kids. She provided valuable tips and tricks on various aspects of the trip, including:

Where should a family start when planning a Disney trip?

Sarah recommended that families start their Disney trip planning by researching and understanding what each park has to offer. It’s important to consider the ages and interests of the children, as well as any must-see attractions or characters. Creating a rough itinerary and setting a budget are also crucial.

How can families get the most out of a Disney trip?

To fully enjoy a Disney trip, Sarah emphasized the importance of maximizing time in the parks. Families should arrive early, take advantage of FastPasses or MaxPasses, and plan their day strategically to avoid crowds. She also suggested making dining reservations in advance to avoid long waits for meals.

What should families take into consideration when choosing a place to stay at Disney? And how do you recommend families find the best hotel deals?

When choosing accommodations at Disney, Sarah advised families to consider the location, amenities, and transportation options. Staying on-site can provide convenient access to the parks, but off-site hotels can offer more affordable options. To find the best hotel deals, she recommended using websites, such as Expedia or, and signing up for email newsletters for exclusive promotions.

What recommendations do you have for planning out each day when visiting Disney?

Sarah recommended creating a flexible daily plan that includes a mix of attractions, shows, character meet-and-greets, and dining experiences. It’s crucial to prioritize must-see attractions and book FastPasses accordingly. Families should also factor in breaks and downtime, especially for younger children.

Do you plan out your rides and meals at Disney in advance of your trip? What recommendations do you have for this process?

Sarah strongly recommended planning rides and meals in advance of a Disney trip. By booking FastPasses early and making dining reservations, families can secure preferred times and avoid long waits. It’s essential to prioritize popular rides and character dining experiences, especially when traveling during peak seasons.

What are your top tips and tricks for babies and toddlers at Disney?

For babies and toddlers at Disney, Sarah advised using a baby carrier or stroller for easy mobility. Families should plan age-appropriate activities and seek out attractions specifically designed for young children. Bringing snacks, drinks, and comfort items is also crucial to keep them happy throughout the day.

What gear and products are the most important things to bring to Disney World with a baby or toddler?

Sarah recommended bringing essential items such as diapers, wipes, formula or baby food, extra clothes, sunscreen, and a portable changing pad. A lightweight stroller, baby carrier, and a small bag to carry necessities are also necessary for convenience and comfort.

What ‘must haves’ do you pack in your bag for a day at Disney?

According to Sarah, essential items to pack in a Disney day bag include sunscreen, hand sanitizer, snacks, water bottles, extra clothes, ponchos, first aid kit, portable phone charger, and a map or park guide. It’s crucial to plan for various weather conditions and unexpected situations.

What are your top ‘Disney hacks’ for doing the parks like a pro?

Sarah shared several Disney hacks for an enjoyable park experience. She advised utilizing the Disneyland or Disney World apps for wait times, show schedules, and FastPasses. Families can also take advantage of Rider Switch for rides with height restrictions and use single-rider lines to avoid long queues.

How do you recommend keeping young kids engaged when they might get tired after a long day at Disney?

To keep young kids engaged, Sarah suggested taking breaks in designated relaxation areas or quiet spots within the parks. Bringing small activities or games, such as coloring books or scavenger hunt lists, can provide entertainment during downtime. It’s important to listen to the children’s cues and prioritize their rest and well-being.

Disney vacations can be expensive. What are your tips for saving, and what is worth the splurge?

Sarah recommended several tips for saving money on a Disney vacation. Families can consider traveling during off-peak seasons, booking accommodations and park tickets in advance to secure discounts, and opting for budget-friendly dining options. She also highlighted the value of splurging on unique experiences, such as character dining or special events, to make the trip more memorable.

What resources would you recommend for families who are looking to plan a Disney vacation?

Sarah recommended utilizing various resources when planning a Disney vacation. Official Disney websites provide detailed information on attractions, dining, and ticket options. Travel forums and Facebook groups offer valuable advice and tips from experienced Disney travelers. Listening to podcasts or reading blogs focused on Disney can also provide insider knowledge and insights.

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Sarah’s Resources

For more information and helpful tips from Sarah Huff, the following resources are available:

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @babyquip
  • Facebook: @babyquip
  • Sarah’s Facebook: @babyquipsarahhuff

By utilizing these resources, families can enhance their Disney trip planning and ensure a magical vacation experience with their kids.

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