Jo Jung Suk Captivates as a Troubled Prince in “Captivating the King”


In the upcoming drama “Captivating the King,” Jo Jung Suk takes on the role of King Yi In, a prince who conceals his inner turmoil behind a carefree exterior. Despite his high position, King Yi In harbors an emptiness within him and struggles with the misconception that his unwavering loyalty to his elder brother is seen as a traitorous act. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters the professional baduk player Kang Mong Woo, played by Shin Se Kyung, and becomes her baduk buddy. The newly released stills capture the enchanting allure of Prince Yi In, with his subtle smile and gentle gaze showcasing his youthful charisma. But beneath his carefree demeanor lies a character filled with inner conflict, as depicted in the still of him in military attire enduring a fierce rain. With Jo Jung Suk’s solid acting skills and compelling charm, viewers can expect to be captivated by his performance when “Captivating the King” premieres on January 21.

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“Captivating the King” is an upcoming drama by tvN that delves into the intricate love story between King Yi In and Kang Hee Soo. The drama is set to premiere on January 21, 2023, and is highly anticipated by fans of the genre.

Premise of the Drama

“Captivating the King” tells the story of King Yi In, a powerful yet troubled ruler who carries an emptiness within him despite his high position. He meets Kang Hee Soo, who initially seeks revenge against him but finds herself attracted to him instead. The drama explores the complex dynamics between these two characters and their journey towards understanding and love.

Main Cast

The main cast of “Captivating the King” is led by Jo Jung Suk, who portrays Prince Yi In with his tremendous acting prowess. His co-star, Shin Se Kyung, plays Kang Hee Soo, the woman who harbors both resentment and attraction towards the king. The chemistry between the two actors is expected to be electric and captivating on screen.

Release Date

Fans can mark their calendars for January 21, 2023, as the premiere date for “Captivating the King.” The drama will kick off with the airing of its first two episodes consecutively, making it a highly anticipated event for drama lovers.

Jo Jung Suk’s Character

In “Captivating the King,” Jo Jung Suk portrays the character of Prince Yi In. Described as a prince leading a reckless life, Yi In struggles with the perception of his loyalty towards his elder brother, King Yi Sun. His unwavering dedication is misconstrued as a traitorous act, further adding to the turmoil he hides beneath his carefree exterior.

Description of Prince Yi In

Prince Yi In is an enchanting character with a youthful allure. His subtle smile and gentle gaze reveal his captivating charm while showcasing his gentle charisma. However, behind this exterior lies a conflicted individual, both indomitable and miserable. Clad in military attire, armed with arrows, and enduring a fierce rain, Yi In’s intense gaze foreshadows the complexity and intrigue that the character brings to “Captivating the King.”

The Troubled Interior

Prince Yi In carries the weight of his troubled interior, masked by his carefree demeanor. Despite his high position, he grapples with an emptiness that cannot be filled, leaving him in a constant state of unrest. The drama delves into the depths of his emotions and explores the origins of his inner turmoil.

His Reckless Lifestyle

Prince Yi In leads a reckless lifestyle, seemingly unbothered by the consequences of his actions. This carefree exterior serves as a facade, shielding the pain and conflict he carries within. The contrast between his seemingly carefree nature and the turmoil within makes Yi In a compelling character to watch.

Relationship between King Yi In and Kang Hee Soo

Initially, Kang Hee Soo seeks revenge against King Yi In, driven by her desire for justice. However, as the story progresses, her emotions begin to transform, and resentment gives way to an unexpected attraction. The relationship between Yi In and Hee Soo is a central focus of the drama, representing the complex journey from vengeance to love.

Transformation of Revenge into Attraction

The transformation of Kang Hee Soo’s revenge into attraction adds a layer of complexity to the story. It showcases the deep emotional connections between the characters and challenges the boundaries of their initial motivations. The evolution of their relationship keeps viewers hooked, building anticipation for how their love story will unfold.

Jo Jung Suk’s Acting Skills

Jo Jung Suk’s previous works and roles have showcased his exceptional acting skills. He has a knack for creating memorable and captivating characters, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. With his return to the small screen after three years, fans have high expectations for his portrayal of Prince Yi In in “Captivating the King.”

Expectations for His Character in “Captivating the King”

Given Jo Jung Suk’s track record of delivering compelling performances, the expectations for his character in “Captivating the King” are only heightened. Viewers can anticipate a nuanced and multi-dimensional portrayal of Prince Yi In, with Jo Jung Suk’s acting prowess contributing to the captivating nature of the drama.

First Glimpse

The release of stills from “Captivating the King” gives fans their first glimpse of Jo Jung Suk in his role as Prince Yi In. These images capture his enchanting presence and showcase the captivating allure of his character.

Enchanting Prince Yi In

Jo Jung Suk’s portrayal of Prince Yi In highlights his enchanting qualities. His subtle smile and gentle gaze draw viewers in, bringing out the youthful allure that defines Yi In’s character. This charming portrayal adds depth and complexity to the story, leaving the audience wanting more.

Subtle Smile and Gentle Gaze

Prince Yi In’s subtle smile and gentle gaze captivate viewers’ attention. It reveals a vulnerable and approachable side to his character that contrasts with his position of power. Jo Jung Suk’s ability to convey these emotions through his acting adds authenticity to the portrayal of Yi In’s inner journey.

Carefree Demeanor

One of the striking aspects of Prince Yi In’s character is his carefree demeanor. He appears unburdened by the weight of his responsibilities, casting away his worries and embracing a carefree lifestyle. This facade creates an interesting contrast to the internal turmoil that plagues him, making his character all the more intriguing to watch.

Inner Conflict

Despite his carefree exterior, Prince Yi In is torn by an inner conflict. Clad in military attire with arrows in his possession, he exudes a sense of determination and resilience. His intense gaze, enduring a fierce rain, hints at the complex path he must navigate. This inner conflict adds depth to his character, captivating viewers as they witness his struggles unfold.

Production Team’s Comments

The production team behind “Captivating the King” commends Jo Jung Suk’s acting skills. They highlight his ability to craft legendary characters in each project he takes on, owing to his solid acting skills honed through experience. With his return to the small screen after three years, viewers can expect to be captivated by Jo Jung Suk’s compelling acting and charm.

Expectations for His Return to the Small Screen

Fans are eagerly anticipating Jo Jung Suk’s return to the small screen after a hiatus of three years. As an actor known for his ability to immerse himself in his roles, his return promises to be a treat for drama enthusiasts. Expectations are high for his performance in “Captivating the King,” with fans looking forward to witnessing his captivating portrayal of Prince Yi In.

Premiere and Teaser

“Captivating the King” is set to premiere on January 21, 2023. The drama will kick off with the airing of its first two episodes consecutively, making it an exciting event for fans to mark on their calendars.

Airing Date

Fans can tune in on January 21, 2023, to catch the premiere of “Captivating the King.” The drama’s release is highly anticipated, and viewers can expect a compelling storyline and exceptional performances.

Teaser Release

A teaser for “Captivating the King” has been released, giving viewers a glimpse into the world of the drama. This tantalizing preview offers a taste of the captivating narrative and engrossing performances that await the audience.

Watch Jo Jung Suk

While waiting for the premiere of “Captivating the King,” fans can watch Jo Jung Suk in his previous drama, “The Nokdu Flower.” This series allows viewers to witness his acting prowess and showcases his talent in captivating audiences with his performances.

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Recommendation to Watch “The Nokdu Flower”

“The Nokdu Flower” is highly recommended for those who want to appreciate Jo Jung Suk’s acting skills. It serves as a testament to his ability to portray complex characters and deliver outstanding performances. Watching this drama will provide a glimpse into what fans can expect from his portrayal in “Captivating the King.”


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