How To Make Crinkle Baby Toys


Hey there! Looking for a creative way to keep your little ones entertained? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you! In this article, we’ll show you how to make crinkle baby toys that are sure to captivate and delight your little bundle of joy. These DIY toys not only provide sensory stimulation but also promote cognitive development. So, grab your materials and get ready to embark on a fun-filled crafting adventure that will have your baby smiling from ear to ear!

How To Make Crinkle Baby Toys

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Materials needed

To make crinkle baby toys, you will need a few key materials:


Choose a soft, baby-friendly fabric that is gentle against the baby’s sensitive skin. Consider using cotton or flannel, as these fabrics are breathable and comfortable.

Crinkle material

The crinkle material is what gives the toy its enticing sound when squeezed. Look for crinkle material specifically designed for baby toys, which is safe and non-toxic.


You’ll need stuffing to give the toy its shape and provide a soft texture for the baby to touch and squeeze. Polyester fiberfill is a popular choice for stuffing baby toys.

Sewing machine

A sewing machine will make the process much quicker and easier. If you don’t have access to a sewing machine, you can still hand-sew the toy, but it may take a bit longer.


Choose a strong thread that matches your fabric. This will ensure that the toy holds up well and withstands the baby’s enthusiastic play.


A pair of sharp scissors is essential for cutting the fabric and trimming any excess threads. Make sure your scissors are clean and well-maintained to ensure clean cuts.


Pins will be used to hold the fabric pieces together while you sew. They help ensure that the fabric doesn’t shift or bunch up during the sewing process.

Choosing the fabric

When choosing the fabric for your crinkle baby toy, there are a few factors to consider:

Consider the baby’s age

Babies have different developmental needs at various stages, so consider the age of the baby you’re making the toy for. For newborns and young babies, opt for softer, smoother fabrics that are gentle on their delicate skin.

Consider the fabric’s texture

Babies love to explore different textures with their hands and mouths. Choose fabrics with interesting textures, such as velvet or flannel, to provide tactile stimulation for the baby.

Consider the fabric’s durability

Babies can be quite rough with their toys, so it’s important to choose a fabric that can withstand their play. Look for sturdy fabrics like cotton or denim that can handle a bit of tugging and pulling without tearing.

Consider the fabric’s safety

Avoid fabrics that may pose a safety risk to the baby. Stay away from fabrics that shed easily or have small decorative elements that could potentially be a choking hazard.

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Preparing the fabric

Before you start assembling your crinkle baby toy, it’s important to prepare the fabric properly. This ensures that the final product is clean, crisp, and ready for the baby to enjoy.

Washing and drying

Wash the fabric using a mild detergent to remove any dirt, chemicals, or residues that may be present. Follow the fabric’s care instructions for washing and drying to prevent any damage or shrinkage.


Once the fabric is clean and dry, iron it to remove any creases or wrinkles. This step will make it easier to cut and sew the fabric later on.

Cutting the fabric

Using sharp scissors, carefully cut the fabric into the desired shape for your crinkle baby toy. Make sure to cut two identical pieces if you plan to sew them together.

Adding the crinkle material

The crinkle material is what gives the toy its characteristic sound when squeezed. Here’s how to add it to your fabric:

Choosing the crinkle material

Look for crinkle material specifically designed for baby toys. It should be safe, non-toxic, and make a satisfying crinkling sound. Consider using crinkle material that is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Measuring and cutting

Measure the size of your fabric pieces and cut the crinkle material to match. Make sure to leave a small border around the edges to allow for sewing.

Sewing the crinkle material onto the fabric

Place the crinkle material between the two fabric pieces and pin them together. Sew around the edges of the fabric, securing the crinkle material in place. Make sure to leave a small opening to insert the stuffing later on.

How To Make Crinkle Baby Toys

Creating the toy shape

Now that your fabric and crinkle material are prepared, it’s time to create the shape of your crinkle baby toy.

Choosing a template or design

You can find a variety of templates and designs for baby toys online or create your own. Choose a design that is simple yet appealing to the baby’s senses. Common shapes include animals, clouds, or simple squares.

Transferring the design onto the fabric

Once you have chosen a design, transfer it onto the fabric using a fabric pen or chalk. Take your time to ensure the design is clear and accurate.

Cutting the fabric according to the design

Using sharp scissors, carefully cut along the outline of the design. Be precise to ensure that the final toy looks clean and professional.

Sewing the toy

With your fabric pieces cut and the design in place, it’s time to sew the toy together.

Pinning the fabric pieces together

Place the two fabric pieces with the right sides facing each other and pin them together. This will ensure that the fabric stays in place while you sew.

Sewing the sides together

Using a sewing machine or needle and thread, sew around the edges of the fabric, leaving a small opening to insert the stuffing. Make sure to secure the stitches at the beginning and end to prevent unraveling.

Leaving a small opening

Remember to leave a small opening along one side or at the bottom of the toy to insert the stuffing. This can be easily sewn shut later.

Turning the toy right-side out

Carefully turn the fabric right-side out through the opening. Use your fingers or a blunt tool to push out any corners or curves for a smooth finish.

Stuffing the toy

Gently stuff the toy with the desired amount of stuffing. Be careful not to overstuff, as this can distort the shape of the toy. Ensure the stuffing is distributed evenly throughout the toy.

How To Make Crinkle Baby Toys

Closing the toy

With the toy stuffed and in its final shape, it’s time to close the opening.

Sewing the opening closed

Using a needle and thread, neatly sew the opening shut. Make small, discreet stitches to ensure a clean and secure closure. Knot the thread securely at the end.

Trimming any excess threads

Carefully check the toy for any loose threads and trim them with scissors. This will give the toy a polished look and prevent any potential unraveling.

Optional embellishments

If you want to add some extra flair to your crinkle baby toy, consider these optional embellishments:

Adding ribbons or tags

Sew on colorful ribbons or fabric tags for the baby to grab and explore. This adds an interactive element to the toy and further enhances sensory stimulation.

Embroidery or appliqué

Personalize the toy by adding embroidery or appliqué designs. You can sew the baby’s name, a cute image, or any other decorative element that adds a special touch.

Attaching a teether or chewable element

If the baby is teething, you can attach a teether or a chewable element to the toy. Ensure that it is securely fastened and made from safe, non-toxic materials.

Safety considerations

When creating a crinkle baby toy, safety should always be the top priority. Here are some important safety considerations to keep in mind:

Ensuring all materials are non-toxic

Make sure that all materials you use are non-toxic and safe for babies. Check the labels and choose materials specifically designed for baby toys to minimize any potential risks.

Avoiding small parts or choking hazards

Ensure that the toy does not have any small parts or loose embellishments that could pose a choking hazard. Babies explore with their mouths, so it’s crucial to eliminate any small or detachable elements.

Double-checking the stitching and durability

Inspect the toy’s stitching to ensure it is secure and won’t come apart with rough play. Double-check all seams before giving the toy to the baby and reinforce any weak areas to make the toy more durable.

Cleaning and care

To ensure that the crinkle baby toy remains clean and safe for the baby to use, follow these guidelines for cleaning and care:


Check the fabric’s care instructions to determine if it is machine-washable. If it is, place the toy in a laundry bag to protect it during the wash cycle. Use a gentle or delicate setting to prevent any damage.


After washing, air-dry the toy to prevent any shrinkage or deformation. Avoid using a dryer as the heat may damage the fabric or stuffing.

Regularly inspecting for damage

Regularly check the toy for any signs of damage, such as loose stitches or wear and tear. Repair or replace any damaged parts to ensure the toy remains safe for the baby.

By following these steps and considering important factors such as fabric choice, safety, and cleaning, you can create beautiful and engaging crinkle baby toys that will provide hours of entertainment and sensory exploration for the little ones in your life. Enjoy the process and the joy it brings to both you and the baby!

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