10 Perks of Postpartum Mom Life That I Miss


The postpartum period can be a challenging and exhausting time for new moms, but amidst the difficulties, there are also some perks that they may miss. From being able to wear comfortable pajamas or lounge clothes all day without feeling guilty, to enjoying the temporary boost in breast size, there are aspects of postpartum mom life that hold a certain charm. Additionally, having guilt-free permission to eat whatever they desired, experiencing the joy of a first postpartum meal, and being waited on by caring hospital staff are all cherished memories. Furthermore, the postpartum period offered a chance to take it easy and prioritize rest, while also receiving support and attention from family and friends. Lastly, the magic of starting a new journey with their baby, despite the exhausting and messy moments, is something that many new moms look back on fondly. Overall, while the postpartum period had its challenges, there were certainly moments that left a lasting impression on mothers.

10 Postpartum Period Perks of Mom Life That I Miss

Carrying and delivering a baby is no joke. And while the postpartum period can be incredibly tough on new moms, too, there are also some pretty awesome parts of life as a mom in the first few months after having a fresh baby. Here are 10 perks of postpartum mom life that many moms find themselves missing.

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1. Getting to Wear Pajamas All Day

One of the undeniable perks of the postpartum period is the ability to wear pajamas or comfortable lounge clothes all day long. New moms often find themselves too tired to bother with regular clothes, and the freedom to embrace coziness without judgment is truly a luxury. While it may not be acceptable to live in pajamas indefinitely, those early days of motherhood provide a guilt-free excuse to prioritize comfort.

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2. Having Bigger Boobs

Many women experience an increase in breast size during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. While this change may not be everyone’s cup of tea, some moms find themselves embracing the fuller, rounder breasts that come with motherhood. The boost in confidence can be a welcome change, and it can also make clothes fit differently in a way that some women find flattering.

3. Having Guilt-Free Permission to Eat

During the postpartum period, there is often a sense of freedom when it comes to eating. Friends and family are often eager to ensure that new moms are well-fed and nourished, which means there is minimal guilt surrounding indulging in favorite foods or cravings. This can be a refreshing change from the pressure that society often places on women to adhere to strict diets or maintain a certain body image.

4. A Divine First Postpartum Meal

After the intense experience of childbirth, there is nothing quite like the first postpartum meal. Whether it’s a delivery from a favorite restaurant or a home-cooked feast prepared by a loved one, that first meal after giving birth is often a moment of pure bliss. It’s a chance to savor flavors, replenish energy, and experience the comfort of a delicious, well-deserved treat.

5. Having Someone Wait On Me During the Postpartum Period

In those early days after giving birth, many new moms are fortunate to have the support of helpful family members or healthcare professionals who provide assistance and care. These individuals go above and beyond to ensure that the new mom is comfortable and taken care of. From bringing meals to tending to household chores, having someone wait on you during the postpartum period can be incredibly comforting and allow for much-needed rest and recovery.

6. Having Permission to Take It Easy

The postpartum period is a time when new moms are encouraged to take it easy and prioritize self-care. From avoiding strenuous activities to allowing time for rest and relaxation, the demands of everyday life are temporarily put on hold. This permission to slow down and focus on recovery is a rare gift, as it allows moms to fully heal and adjust to the demands of motherhood without the pressure to immediately bounce back.

7. Family and Friends Checking In During the Postpartum Period

The attention and support that new moms receive during the postpartum period are incredibly valuable. Family and friends are often eager to visit, offer assistance, and check in on the new mom and baby. The sense of community and connection that comes with this support system can be uplifting and make the postpartum experience feel less overwhelming. However, as time goes on, the excitement tends to fade, and new moms may find themselves missing those frequent check-ins.

8. More Hands On Deck

During the postpartum period, it’s common for families to rally together to help with the demands of a newborn. Whether it’s partners, family members, or close friends, having additional hands available can be a game-changer. The extra support can help lighten the load, allowing new moms to focus on themselves and bonding with their baby. As the postpartum period progresses and life settles into a routine, the availability of extra help may diminish, leaving new moms to navigate parenthood with fewer resources.

9. Family Time During the Postpartum Period

The early days of the postpartum period are often filled with cherished moments of family bonding. Partners and older siblings have the opportunity to spend quality time with the newest addition to the family, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. As time goes on and routines become more hectic, finding those moments of uninterrupted family time can become increasingly challenging. So, the simplicity and joy of those early days are often missed.

10. The Magic of Starting a New Journey With My Baby

The postpartum period is a time of transition and new beginnings. It marks the start of an incredible journey as a parent and the opportunity to bond with a precious little one. The magic of those early days, despite the sleepless nights and challenges, is often missed as time goes on. The fleeting moments of newborn snuggles, first smiles, and tiny milestones hold a special place in a mother’s heart.

In conclusion, the postpartum period is a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. While it can be intense and challenging, it also comes with unique perks that many moms find themselves missing as they transition into the next phases of motherhood. From the comfort of wearing pajamas all day to the support of loved ones, these postpartum period perks have a special place in the hearts of moms everywhere.

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