10 Things Pregnant Women Do When They’re Finally Alone


Pregnancy is a miraculous and transformative time in a woman’s life, but it can also be exhausting and overwhelming. When pregnant women finally find themselves alone, they have the chance to indulge in some much-needed self-care and personal reflection. From admiring their changing bodies to taking blissful naps, from shopping for baby essentials to engaging in online communities, this time alone is cherished and savored by expectant mothers. Whether it’s exercising, nesting, enjoying some guilty pleasure foods, going for a drive, or simply having a good cry, these moments of solitude allow pregnant women to recharge and connect with their own emotions. As they anticipate the joy and challenges of motherhood, it is important for pregnant women to take advantage of these precious moments for self-love and care.

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We Get a Really Good Look at Our Pregnant Body

Pregnancy is a time of significant changes and transformations. It’s no wonder that pregnant women often take the opportunity to get a really good look at their pregnant bodies when they’re alone. Whether it’s pulling up their shirts to admire their growing bellies or stripping down to take in the whole package, pregnant women are in awe of the incredible things their bodies are capable of. From stretch marks to bigger breasts, every change serves as a reminder of the beauty and strength of their bodies throughout this miraculous journey. It’s a moment to embrace and celebrate the incredible feat of growing another human being.

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We Take Naps

Sleep deprivation is a common complaint among pregnant women, especially in the first few months. With all the physical and hormonal changes happening, it’s no surprise that pregnant women are often exhausted. So when they finally find themselves alone, they seize the opportunity to catch up on some much-needed sleep. Whether it’s on a cozy bed, a comfortable couch, or an easy chair, pregnant women can doze off in a matter of seconds when they have a moment to themselves. These quiet minutes of rest and relaxation are precious and help recharge their bodies for the journey ahead.

We Shop

Shopping for baby items is a joyous and exciting experience for pregnant women. Whether they do it from the comfort of their bed, snuggled up with a pregnancy pillow, or venture out to their favorite baby stores, shopping alone allows pregnant women to indulge in their desires without any judgment or interference. The sight of tiny clothes, soft blankets, and adorable accessories fills them with anticipation and longing for the arrival of their little bundle of joy. It’s a time of envisioning holding their precious baby in their arms and creating a cozy and welcoming environment for their new addition. Being alone during these shopping sprees allows pregnant women to truly revel in the joy of preparing for their baby’s arrival without having to consider anyone else’s opinions or preferences.

We Exercise

Maintaining good physical health during pregnancy is crucial, and exercising is an essential part of achieving that. When pregnant women find themselves alone, they often take advantage of this time to engage in exercise routines that promote their well-being and prepare them for the challenges of childbirth. Of course, it’s important for pregnant women to consult with their healthcare providers and obtain approval for their exercise routines. Once given the green light, they often relish the opportunity to go for walks or visit the gym, knowing that they are taking positive steps towards a healthier and stronger body. These moments of physical activity provide a sense of empowerment and readiness for the incredible journey of childbirth.

We Nest

Nesting is a natural instinct that kicks in for many pregnant women as they prepare their homes for the arrival of their baby. When they’re alone, pregnant women take the opportunity to indulge in their nesting tendencies without any interruptions or distractions. Whether it’s cleaning out the refrigerator, organizing the laundry room cabinets, or rearranging their partner’s socks, these seemingly mundane tasks hold great significance for pregnant women. A clean and organized home brings them peace of mind and ensures that their little one will come home to a welcoming and tidy environment. It’s a time of setting the stage for the next chapter of their lives and creating a nurturing space for their growing family.

We Go Online

The internet has become an invaluable resource for pregnant women seeking information and support. When they’re alone, pregnant women often turn to the internet for quick answers to their questions and concerns. While it’s essential to navigate the vast sea of information with caution and discernment, pregnant women can find comfort and camaraderie in connecting with other expecting mothers online. Social media platforms, online forums, and pregnancy-related websites provide a space for pregnant women to share their experiences, exchange advice, and find solace in the fact that they are not alone in their journey. Late-night scrolling sessions when pregnancy insomnia hits allow them to seek reassurance, gain knowledge, and navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy.

We Eat All the Foods

Pregnancy cravings are well-known and often the subject of jokes and anecdotes. When pregnant women are alone, they can indulge in their food cravings without feeling judged or self-conscious. Whether it’s a double cheeseburger with fries, a decadent chocolate malt with whipped cream, or some other bizarre combination, these occasional indulgences allow pregnant women to satisfy their cravings and enjoy a moment of pure culinary pleasure. While it’s important to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet for the well-being of both the mother and the baby, treating themselves once in a while is a guilt-free way to embrace the joy and novelty of cravings during pregnancy.

We Go for a Drive

Sometimes pregnant women just need a few moments or even hours to themselves to think, daydream, and reflect. Going for a drive alone provides a sense of freedom and solitude that allows pregnant women to be with their thoughts and emotions. They might revisit places from their childhood or seek out peaceful spots where they envision creating new memories with their child. It’s also a time for introspection and spiritual connection, as they seek guidance and strength for the challenges of pregnancy and motherhood. With the freedom to blast their favorite music and sing along without any judgment or interruptions, driving alone becomes a therapeutic experience that nourishes their souls.

We Call Our Moms or Best Friends

While technically not alone in the strictest sense, having an uninterrupted adult conversation, even over the phone, can feel like a luxury for pregnant women. When they have the chance, they reach out to their moms or best friends to share their joys, concerns, and even the funny and embarrassing moments of pregnancy. These cherished connections provide a much-needed outlet for pregnant women to express themselves, seek advice, and find comfort in the shared experiences of their loved ones. Conversations with fellow pregnant friends can be particularly valuable, as they understand the rollercoaster of emotions and physical changes that pregnancy brings. These moments of connection remind pregnant women that they are not alone and that their support system is just a phone call away.

We Have a Good Cry

Pregnancy is a time of heightened emotions, and sometimes pregnant women need a release. When they’re alone, they might choose to have a good cry to let go of any pent-up feelings, whether they are happy or sad. Watching a heartfelt movie or revisiting favorite TV shows can evoke a range of emotions, providing a cathartic experience for pregnant women. It’s a safe space to embrace vulnerability and acknowledge the fears and anxieties that often accompany pregnancy. These crying sessions behind closed doors allow pregnant women to release their emotions without the need to put on a brave face for others. It’s a reminder that it’s natural and perfectly okay to experience a wide range of emotions during pregnancy.

In conclusion, when pregnant women find themselves alone, they have a unique opportunity to focus on themselves and indulge in activities that bring them joy, relaxation, and a sense of fulfillment. Whether it’s admiring their pregnant bodies, taking much-needed naps, shopping for their baby, exercising, nesting, going online, enjoying their favorite foods, going for a drive, connecting with loved ones, or having a good cry, these moments of solitude and self-care are essential for their well-being and enjoyment of the pregnancy journey. It’s a time for pregnant women to embrace their individuality, reflect on the incredible journey they are undertaking, and nurture their own needs, knowing that soon their focus will shift entirely to their little one.

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